The Old Birches Country House

Tired of crowded and noisy holiday resorts? Looking for a very private place in the middle of nowhere, with a wild river nearby? Keen on silence, where only noises you can hear are those made of birds, wild animals or cows? We have a perfect location for you!

The place

The Old Birches Country House, part of the Wesolowo (Happy Village) Colony is situated on a spacious clearing (ca 30 hectares) in the middle of a 200 kilometres long strip of Masurian forests, rivers and lakes. It is an ecologically clean and quiet place, with no noisy industry, no hotels, no powerboats and no loud camping places.
Hundreds of species of plants and fungi grow here naturally, with no chemical fertilizers. You can feel the presence of rutting deer, roes rising their cubs in our marshy meadows, wandering elks, busy beavers, hares seeking protection from predators amidst our dogs, clever foxes only waiting for careless hares, wild boars –destructors, invisible wolves leaving their discreet traces on the snow, proud cranes dancing their amazing dances and shouting their heads off, courageous lapwings, buzzards fighting ravens in winter, and dozens of other wild animals. Sometimes you can hear cows mooing in the distance, going back to the cow shed, only to come back next day to their rich green pastures. You can witness endless spectacles of fog, rime-frost, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets…
Our house is a place where we, the town folk, lead semi-rural life. We spend here most of our time, working in a virtual manner, entertaining our families, friends and other guests. It’s not a little hotel or B&B, but a spacious house in the country leading its own life, where you can spend a few days in an independent and comfortable apartment, enjoying attractions that this place and its surroundings offer.


We have two independent apartments for our Guests (40m2 each ).
Each apartment comprises of a bedroom with double bed, a day room with fully equipped kitchen annexe and an additional bed, plus a modern bathroom with shower.
The Green Apartment on the ground floor has its own porch, a nice place to have breakfast or sip wine, admiring beautiful view. The iron stove adds to the homely atmosphere, especially on cold evenings.
The Orange Apartment on the1st floor opens onto a beautiful and long perspective through a double window facing West – a perfect place for photo maniacs.
Both apartments have wireless Internet access.
N.B.: there is no TV!
There is a local sewage treatment system, so you can use as much water as you need, and a very effective heating system ensures comfortable temperature in all seasons.
In summer there is a large arbour tent available, equipped with garden furniture and a place for a barbeque.

How to enjoy yourself/Things to do

There are plenty of activities possible here, depending on your preferences – and the weather. You can relax in a hammock, sunbathe, play various games (boules, darts, scrabble), cook, eat, admire the world around you, draw, photograph nature, dance, sing, write poems…
You can also walk, trek or cycle for miles and miles on empty forest roads; horse ride (there is horse farm nearby); kayak, fish, bathe or just watch the clouds go by on the banks of the Omulew river, one of the most wild and purest rivers in Poland, just 500 metres from the house. The nearest lake – Gleboczek – is 5 km away.
There is too bird and animal watching, taking pictures of nature, picking wild mushrooms (the area is famous for it) and hunting, although we do not encourage it in the vicinity of the house!
For those who cannot live without city lights, a nearby (25 km) town of Szczytno offers numerous clubs, pubs, restaurants and shops.
Short car rides will allow you to discover further this beautiful region.


Eating in: basic food & personal hygiene products can be bought in a nearby (2,5 km) village, and if you crave more sophisticated stuff, like frutti di mare (frozen) or decent wine, you can get them in town 25 km away.
Both apartments have fully equipped kitchen annexe with a two-burner electric cooker, fridge, electric kettle, coffee maker, pots and pans, plates, cutlery etc., so that you can, although not bake. Ecological dairy products can be delivered on demand (except winter). It is also possible to arrange half board with the owners.
Eating out: there are various food places within 10 km (Wielbark), offering local cuisine.


Prices include an equipped apartment for 1 – 3 persons, together with bed linen and towels.
Minimum out-of-season renting time is 2 days, 49,00 Euro per day per apartment.
Third and every next day:– 40,00 Euro per day per apartment .


Please be sure to make your reservation in advance! Please call or e-mail:

Mobile: + 48 601 464 169
E-mail: siedlisko@starebrzozy.pl